Commit e1ed65ea authored by Sebastian Stark's avatar Sebastian Stark

include full map if ignored rsync errors along with message

parent f998fe25
......@@ -16,6 +16,26 @@ import (
// rsyncIgnoreErrors are rsync return values that are considered temporary
// errors. If rsync returns one of these error codes, snaprd will not fail and
// try again next time.
var rsyncIgnoredErrors = map[int]string{
6: "Daemon unable to append to log-file",
10: "Error in socket I/O",
11: "Error in file I/O",
12: "Error in rsync protocol data stream",
13: "Errors with program diagnostics",
14: "Error in IPC code",
20: "Received SIGUSR1 or SIGINT",
21: "Some error returned by waitpid()",
22: "Error allocating core memory buffers",
23: "Partial transfer due to error",
24: "Partial transfer due to vanished source files",
25: "The --max-delete limit stopped deletions",
30: "Timeout in data send/receive",
35: "Timeout waiting for daemon connection",
// createRsyncCommand returns an exec.Command structure that, when executed,
// creates a snapshot using rsync. Takes an optional (non-nil) base to be used
// with rsyncs --link-dest feature.
......@@ -92,24 +112,14 @@ func createSnapshot(base *snapshot) (*snapshot, error) {
debugf("received something on done channel: %v", err)
if err != nil {
// At this stage rsync ran, but with errors.
// Restart in case of
// - temporary network error
// - disk full?
// Detect external signalling?
failed := true
// First, get the error code
if exiterr, ok := err.(*exec.ExitError); ok { // The return code != 0)
if status, ok := exiterr.Sys().(syscall.WaitStatus); ok { // Finally get the actual status code
debugf("The error code we got is: %v", status.ExitStatus())
// status now holds the actual return code
// Magic number: means some files couldn't be
// copied because they vanished, so nothing
// critical. See man rsync
if status.ExitStatus() == 24 {
debugf("Some files failed to copy because they were deleted in the meantime, but nothing critical... going on...")
rsyncRet := status.ExitStatus()
debugf("The error code we got is: %v", rsyncRet)
if errmsg, ok := rsyncIgnoredErrors[rsyncRet]; ok == true {
log.Printf("ignoring rsync error %d: %s", rsyncRet, errmsg)
failed = false
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