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add a dump of run options

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......@@ -96,6 +96,40 @@ Basic operation:
2016-09-14 Wednesday 20:32:29 (1s, 10m0s)
See a full list of options available to the run command:
$ snaprd run -h
Usage of run:
-maxKeep int
how many snapshots to keep in highest (oldest) interval. Use 0 to keep all
-minGbSpace int
if set, keep at least x GiB of the snapshots filesystem free
-minPercSpace float
if set, keep at least x% of the snapshots filesystem free
if set, does not print date and time in the log output. Useful if output is redirected to syslog
if set, obsolete snapshots will not be deleted (minimum space requirements will still be honoured)
if set, skip the initial waiting time before the first snapshot
-notify string
specify an email address to send reports
-origin string
data source (default "/tmp/snaprd_test/")
-r string
(shorthand for -repository) (default "/tmp/snaprd_dest")
-repository string
where to store snapshots (default "/tmp/snaprd_dest")
-rsyncOpts value
additional options for rsync
-rsyncPath string
path to rsync binary (default "/usr/bin/rsync")
-schedFile string
path to external schedules (default "/etc/snaprd.schedules")
-schedule string
one of longterm,shortterm (default "longterm")
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