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abstract description of the program in README

  - also note how to report issues
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......@@ -5,14 +5,22 @@ snaprd - backup utility
Snaprd is a program that helps you to make backups of directories to another
file system or server. You can run it on a server that has enough disk space
and let it continuously fetch incremental changes from another server. Snaprd
will make sure that only as many snapshots are created as match your given
schedule or free space restrictions.
- Continuous creation of snapshots at certain intervals
- Pruning (sieving) snapshots based on fixed schedule, make snapshots more
scarce the older they get
- Pruning snapshots based on free disk space requirements
- Uses rsync to create snapshots
- Every snapshot is a complete copy, using hard links to save disk space
- Designed to run silently in the background
- Repository is designed to be exported via e. g. nfs or smb to enable users to
do restores of single files or directories
- Tested with small and huge (100TB) backup sources.
The project homepage is
......@@ -44,7 +52,8 @@ Running
snaprd is supposed to be run on the system where the repository is located
("the backup system").
("the backup system"). You will want to make sure ssh works non-interactively
for the connection to the system to backup from.
Basic operation:
......@@ -124,6 +133,13 @@ You can verify your schedule by running `snaprd scheds`, and later, when
snapshots have already been created, by `snaprd list`.
Reporting issues
Our gitlab site allows accounts to be created on request. If you do not have an
account already, please send requests or problem reports to
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